Smart Meters

Emergency ‘Smart’ Meter Symposium

Geupload op 13 sep 2011

This public forum on the compulsory installation by northern California utility, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) of environmentally toxic, privacy-violating, unsafe and hackable wireless so-called ‘smart’ meters was held in Fairfax, California Sept. 9, 2011.

The tiny city of Fairfax is on the frontline of local democratic opposition to the misconceived and dangerous corporate ‘smart’ grid plan which former CIA Director James Woolsey terms ‘really stupid.’

The Speakers in order of appearance:

Jeffry Fawcett, PhD co-produces the Your Own Health And Fitness radio show with Layna Berman – – and is the principal author with Layna Berman of the book ‘Too Much Medicine, Not Enough Health.’ He is on the faculty at Hawthorn University in Holistic Health and Environmental Studies. His PhD is in environmental economics and political economy from UC Riverside.

His topic: Why utilities want SmartMeters, regulatory capture, and the political economy of resistance to wireless technologies.

Syndicated radio journalist, Layna Berman – – is an independent scholar and health educator. Her syndicated radio program, Your Own Health and Fitness, is a investigative radio program with a critical perspective, covering the politics and practice of health.

She talks about the health effects of low level wireless microwave exposures, how and why the numbers of people suffering with symptoms is growing, and the research into the mechanisms.

Joshua Hart is the founding Director of He lays out the basic campaign strategies for local communities wishing to enforce their democratic rights and successfully oppose PG&E’s compulsory installation of electromagnetically toxic, unsafe, inaccurate, privacy-invasive and hackable wireless ‘smart’ meters.

Katharina Sandizell, MA, MFT, PDHom, has a BA from Columbia University in New York, and a M.A. in Psychology from CIIS in San Francisco. She recently helped found the West Marin non-profit, Alliance for Human and Environmental Health (, which advocates and educates about Smart Meters and harmful effects of Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation in neighborhoods and schools.

She speaks about how the wireless smart meter issue forced her into becoming active in civil disobedience for the first time.  She discusses how this led to her founding a non-profit organization dedicated to education on how to stand up for our democracy through community involvement and activism vs corporate tyranny.

Attorney Larry Bragman is a two term member of the Fairfax Town Council and the current Mayor. He has an active law practice in San Rafael as a trial lawyer specializing in consumer rights and criminal defense matters. He lives in Fairfax with his wife Holly and their two stepsons.

His talk is a summary of Fairfax’s opposition to Smart Meters from its birth to its current status. The ordinance Fairfax passed is the model that many other cities and counties used. 46 local governments, cities and counties plus one tribal council, have opposed ‘smart’ meter installation, representing well over 2.6 million people in PG&E’s 10 million-ratepayer area.

Cindy Sage & LA DWP discuss ‘Smart’ Meters

Gepubliceerd op 11 mei 2013

Cindy Sage, environmental consultant and editor of the groundbreaking international study ‘The BioInitiative Report’ on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure, shares the results of her research and how it relates to wireless ‘smart’ meters with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. First of two parts. For more information:


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