Free Training Courses to do the great commission of Christ in the face of the rise of dark powers and the ramping up of the satanic agenda from Shatter the Darkness & Preemption Broadcast


These are the training courses from Shatter the Darkness &  Preemption Broadcast.
There are current courses, courses just beginning,, past conference and seminar teaching/lecture sessions and more. Most are finished some are in process and with more to be added. They are free, just click on the blue link to get the training course/materials
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Learning to do the great commission of Christ in the face of the rise of dark powers and the ramping up of the satanic agenda. Over 20 hours of mp3s
Here are the powerful foundations for all new believers in Christ.. Teaching and memory verses for new disciples
Biblical mini messages or devotions for daily living.
Here are lectures on vitally needed spiritual warfare teaching for this day and hour. Learn your authority, the armor, how do win over the world/the flesh and the world. Over 16 hours of mp3s
Exposing various forms and the growth of satanism. The signs, symbols and agendas within the global growth of satanism. Over 20 hours of mp3s
Revealing the most hidden satanic agenda that is growing beyond anyone’s calculations. The rise of satanic ritual abuse, mpd/did mind control, programming and the creation of ‘the troops of antichrist’. Are these the agents of the coming catastrophic chaos that is coming.  Over 24 hours of mp3s
One of the most important series of exposing the dark side ever done by Shatter the Darkness. How the dark side has been doing rituals, releasing demons and ramping up their power for the end of days. Can you feel the oppressing in your city/nation? Have 500 million rituals be done in the last 60 years and if yes…what for? Are there covens in your city? How do you investigate satanic ritual abuse/ ritual sites ect. over 12 hours of mp3s with 10 more to be added
As prophetic biblical revelation shows…sexual addiction, decadence and the demonic use of human sexuality will flourish in the end of days. How does one get free? Over 15 hours of mp3s
How give answers and reasons for the great hope you have in Christ to those (skeptics, atheists, agnostics, occultists etc) who ask and challenge you. How to count on the supra natural power of God in this process also. Over 16 hours of mp3s
A verse by verse  overview of the book of Daniel. This book is packed with how to live powerfully when you are surrounded by an antichrist agenda. This book has much to say about the end of days and what is yet to come. A great study of the Word of God that helps you prepare for the final days and learn to trust God for His supra natural power and help. Over 20 hours  of mp3s
Learn how to get the basics in how to give counsel to others. See how God is the source and the Spirit and the Word are the main guiding spiritual power as we try to help others. There are some great sessions that will help you in your life also. Over 12 hours of mp3s
How to help those with deep trouble. Healing, deliverance and how to begin helping those with satanic ritual abuse, programming and multiple personality /mpd/did . Over 24 hours of mp3s
The Holy Spirit and His work are vital to know as a believer in Christ. Learn the important basic truths and seek to experience the work of God the Holy Spirit. Over 14 hours of mp3s
What are they and how can you know and use the spritual gifts God has given you. Some links are broke and will be fixed asap
Here are a series of messages on the biblical prophetic writings, their vital importance and why they will give you the top ‘heads up’ on the future of human history. About  30 mp3s
So what do you know about this prophetic earth shaking event……….yet to come? here are over 7 hours of info mp3s
Here is a growing series on prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare prayer. This series will grow and be a main source of teaching for WWW.PROJECTJOSIAH.COM prayer call. Yes you can join project Josiah … are needed.
Revealing the rise of the antichrist. This will be the most significant person in world history as it closes. He will bring the greatest deception and will cause the worst destruction history has ever seen.
What is ESP and HSP? what’s the difference and why do we need HSP so badly right now. Spiritual discernment is a life saving and vital empowerment for these last days.
Here is how the powerful early disciples did ministry, this is how we can do so right now. This is a study in the book of acts and application of how to live in the power of the Holy Spirit…doing the mission of Christ in these last days. Will grow to 35 hours of mp3s
More mp3 sessions to added
New training courses will be added too
Here are the live radio show archives/ series