Decree of Universal Law – Grand Universal Police Force – 21 Ancients of Days


Decree of Universal Law – Grand Universal Police Force – 21 Ancients of Days

With the advancement of our great and grand new Majestone Enterprises it is imperative to initiate these greater Police Forces in order to maintain legal and proper ownership of mine and our inventions, patents, ideas and intellectual property rights and to enforce the Universal Law that protects the claims of the Creators, Founders, Owners & Co-Owners of these enterprises and businesses.

The Ancients of Days of each of the 7 Superuniverses shall establish and carry the Title Owner’s Rights and Privileges set forth in the agreements of installation and appropriation of Original Enterprises carried on to other foundations and places within the Grand and Master Universes from the original Creator and Founder’s place of inception.

No being, institution or enterprise shall infringe upon the Copyrights or Title Ownership and or claims of ownership whether in his place or theirs, whether in his providence or theirs. All beings must respect the rights of law and claims of ownership established by this Decree of Universal Law enforced in the Grand and Master Universe and harmonized by and through the Paradise and Superuniverse Clearinghouses.

Copyright ©2013, 2014 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Planetary Prince of Urantia

The Certified & Sovereign Planetary Prince

Spirit Children are being born on this world for special ministries and divine operations.

(As of March 26th, 2013 there are 11,696 Divine Children.)

*As of March 17th, 2014 there are 8,361,221 Divine Children.

*As of 3-17-2014 their are 16,722,442 Total Majestone Divine Family Members.

*As of 6-18-14 there a total children of = 8,370,034 + 12,000,000 = 20,370,034

***See the Special Operations Page for current Census!!

You can read the story of our children and other members of our divine family in The Book of Majestone.Org.


Een gedachte over “Decree of Universal Law – Grand Universal Police Force – 21 Ancients of Days

  1. Source:

    Ancients of Days of Uversa. See also Ancients of Days
    allowed Satan to make periodic visits to fallen worlds 53:9.3(611;2)
    certified Jesus’ mortal transit 189:1.10(2022;2)
    communicated with Michael during time of tomb 188:3.12(2016;1)
    confirmed Most Highs’ control over rebel worlds 43:3.7(489;2), 53:7.14(609;2)
    decreed instantaneous extinction of rebels during Michael’s bestowal 54:4.5(616;4), 120:0.8(1325;1), 120:1.5-6(1326;2)
    Lucifer attacked, as foreign potentates 53:3.4-5(603;5)
    Lucifer taken into custody by agents of 53:9.2(611;1)
    mandated Urantia Papers 31:10.15(354;8)
    few rulings adjudicating Lucifer rebellion 46:8.1(528;7), 67:4.7(758;5)

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