CIA Radio Hypnotic InterCerebral Control (RHIC)


Geupload op 1 aug. 2010

Richard Helms ran the dirty Tricks Department at the CIA after the  Bay of Pigs. An oft-heard allegation is that the CIA has developed a mind control technology they refer to as RHIC-EDOM The acronym stands for Radio Hypnotic Intracerebra Control-Electronic Dissolution of Memory, and refers to the ability to induce a hypnotic state from remote locations, impart hypnotic commands, and erase the memory of the programming and the period of time that it took place in This technology allegedly includes electromagnetic broadcasting as well as intramuscular implants The erasure of memory is reportedly accomplished by the electromagnetic stimulation of the chemical acetylcholine in the brain The first mention of RHIC-EDOM was in the 1969 book Were We Controlled? By the pseudonymous Lincoln Lawrence Lawrence describes RHIS-EDOM in this manner: It is the ultra-sophisticated application of post-hypnotic suggestion triggered at will by radio transmission It is a recurring hypnotic state, reinduced automatically at intervals by the same radio control An individual is brought under hypnosis This can be done either with his knowledge – or without it by use of narco-hypnosis, which can be brought into play under many guises He is then programmed to perform certain actions and maintain certain attitudes upon radio signal Lawrence claimed that Lee Harvey Oswald had been manipulated through RHIC-EDOM, but not by the Russians or the CIA or its brethren According to Lawrence, Oswalds


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