A Vital Connection


This channel is about you, seeking documentaries, art, the expression of the videos and how people tell their stories, vision, dreams, history. And the best part is… you decide for yourself, the truth of any matter or true experience, you encounter, as I have experienced. I have reviewed these videos, and many things I see, remind me of professional propaganda, although many have validated the truth of matters. I sense research on the web for insight. I share what I review and comments are simply an opinion, which may change with time. Lastly, See upload in right lower corner, conveying the abuse of covert technologies, located–within the photo I took to use as my banner. The video includes a photo of me, and how I feel about people that harm others, especially myself with Satellite Terrorism and forms of mind control.

Published on 12 Apr 2015

I created this video to expose how RFID, (Radio identification devices harm humans with physical torture; but will never break me! They use mind control, and Dr. John Hall wrote his book to vent and expose: A new breed Satellite Terrorism in America. See the site for exposing covert technologies,www.icaact.org. The mind is hacked, your body, and as a result, you may acquire a label Fibromyalgia. Simple aluminum foil, set on your head for 9 minutes, you remove, and hold it up to a great source of light to expose these stealth, burn holes–ionizing radiation. Some experts convey this is a depopulation program. This is how they enslave, and my X-ray of my head is toward the end, showing the RFID. Thank you for viewing.


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