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Published on 25 Mar 2013

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What is Aerotoxic Syndrome?
Aerotoxic syndrome describes health effects from exposure to Chemtrail Aerosols or contaminated airplane cabin air. These health effects range from short-term memory impairment and headache to long-term rashes, diarrhea, numbness, parathesias, sleep disorders and nausea. The avation medicine community hasn’t formally recognized aerotoxic syndrome, but affected aircrew and passengers are increasingly speaking out against the phenomenon.

As of September 2010, researchers are actively working on diagnostics to explain aerotoxic syndrome, but no authoritative conclusions have been published.

Sources of Aerotoxic Syndrome
Today’s airplanes (with the exception of the new Boeing 787) use a cabin air system that mixes filtered recirculated air with compressed engine bleed air. While the air filters remove viruses and bacteria, they don’t remove engine fumes or vapors. If there’s a leak in the engine compression section, there’s a chance that those chemicals could become incorporated in the bleed air circulated in the airplane cabin. A jet-fuel additive called tricresyl phosphate, or TCP, is believed to be the toxic chemical that causes aerotoxic syndrome when it’s inhaled.

A “fume event” occurs when TCP mixes with compressed hot air in a particularly high concentration. During a fume event, passengers may see smoke and fumes in the airplane cabin, and they’re particularly at risk for aerotoxic symdrome.

Symptoms of Aerotoxic Syndrome
The symptoms of aerotoxic syndrome vary widely in scope and intensity. They may appear during a flight or several days afterward.

Short-Term Effects of Aerotoxic Syndrome (1, 2)
· Neurotoxic symptoms include disorientation, blurred vision, vertigo, tunnel vision, shaking, tremors, parathesias, loss of consciousness, seizures, and loss of balance.
· Neuropsychological symptoms include headache, feeling intoxicated, confusion, memory impairment, and dizziness or lightheadedness.
· Nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, and irritation of nose, eyes and upper airways.
· Increased heart rate, breathing difficulties, cough, heart palpitations, chest tightness, respiratory failure and shortness of breath.
Long-Term Effects of Aerotoxic Syndrome (1)
· Parasthesias or numbness in the limbs, fingers or lips.
· Memory impairment, severe headaches, sleep disorders, forgetfulness, dizziness, loss of balance, lack of coordination.
· Chest pain, weakness and fatigue, hot flashes, increased heart rate, exhaustion, muscle weakness, muscle and joint pain, heart palpitations.
· Salivation, vomiting and nausea, diarrhea, hair loss, skin blisters, skin rashes and itching.
· Eye irritation, upper airway and nose irritation, signs of immunosuppresion and chemical sensitivity.

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‘HAARP’ TTA Frequency CREATES BLACK HOLE Using Chemtrails to Generate WINTER STORM TRIDENT !!!…
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Thank you for that wonderful ‘Image Hidden in Plain Sight’ SECTIONTWELVE !!!

Face Image Caught and shared with me by
“Not sure if you didn’t notice that or if you just didn’t care to talk about it. Thought I’d share it.”

SSEC Geostationary Satellite Images…
March 10, 2013


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