Rudolf of Germany. Part 127, how the elite control’s the population.

Published on 24 Apr 2016

Second part of Rudolfs explanation of the connection between ultra low magnetic waves and human behavior.

Published on 23 Apr 2016

Today I answer some of your questions. I hope it will gives you a better picture about the mental and physical state you live in.


5 gedachten over “Rudolf of Germany. Part 127, how the elite control’s the population.

  1. 7.8 Hertz Global OM Sacred Geometry

    Published on 16 Jul 2012

    Recorded by Dr Pat Flanagan in the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid, and was ‘set’ to 7.8 Hertz, the natural frequency of Earth..and it helps anyone raise their vibratory rate.

    Read more on Pyramid at Resonance by Alexander Putney ~


    Compilation of photos by Yolanda Bertaud

    Visit Facebook Page ~ ByzantineFlowers –

    WordPress blog @ –

  2. Resonance in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids

    The Visoko Pyramids and Ravne Megaceramic Texts

    by Alex Putney for
    October 16, 2013

    Archeological and geophysical research on monumental pyramids all over the globe have informed a significant turning point in our collective understanding of the great antiquity of human civilization on this planet. Among the many recent discoveries of buried pyramids in several regions of the world, a few densely populated European countries have yielded an array of spectacular surprises.

    Entire complexes of ancient Paleolithic monuments have been uncovered by recognition of their highly geometric characteristics. A trio of low angle synthetic sandstone pyramids have been identified in Montevecchia, Italy in the foothills of the Alps, while a larger complex of six monumental stone structures with interlinking tunnels was discovered by Dr. S. Osmanagic in Bosnia’s Visoko Valley in 2005.


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