” An innocent Targeted Individual (TI) underwent surgery Friday in California for removal of 5 implanted biomedical devices in his physique. In a key breakthrough for him and possibly thousands of other TIs, the “foreign bodies”

Cain Devices Implanted Bodies

health-related specialists have analyzed have been identified in that they comprised of waveguides and nanotechnology. The specialist anlysis accounts for inhumane suffering through involuntary physique movements that Cain has described as hell. It is also a feasible breakthrough for thousands of other TIs who claim illegal implantation and becoming tortured.. According to court documents, in TI Richard Cain and his two kids allegedly had been implanted at St. John’s Regional Medical Center and St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital in 2008 in a non-consensual human health-related research program. For over 5 years, Cain’s family has knowledgeable hell, which includes involuntary movements, as a lot of TIs contacting Deborah Dupré complain in their written accounts. ‘Another Step Closer To Justice’   Richard Cain, who has been communicating with Dupré since 2013, has been subjected to what he calls a “nightmare,” after he and his sons were implanted without his knowledge or consent. “I have been implanted with biomedical devices from head to toe,” Cain told Dupré in an email on Jan. 10. By then, x-rays and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) clearly showed the foreign bodies in his body and that of his children. Friday, at UCLA MOB, Cain underwent surgical removal of five foreign bodies that have been lodged in both bilateral arms, right ventral abdomen, and left bicep. “The evidence speaks for itself.,” Cain told Dupré late Friday in an email. “The evidence is in the hands of UCLA pathology and my experts. Another step closer to justice.” Cain justifiably worried the extracted foreign bodies would be tampered or misplaced. “The specimens are in the possession of my experts and UCLA Pathology. In Monday the specimens will be split between the experts. After that, reports will be generated,” Cain had told Dupré. “My only hope is that they are not tampered with or switched. There will be follow up CT scan of the areas that extractions took place. Cain added, “On the outside the appearance of fatty tissue and/or AKA lymphomas until they are cut open. The microelectromechanical [MEM] devices could easily be seen in one.” “Typical MEMS devices have smaller than mm dimensions and they are characterized by engineering and control of lengths and movements that range typically from nanometers to micrometers.  JMEMS includes and welcomes topics in MEMS, which include aspects of nanotechnologies in functional design, materials integration and fabrication.” (Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, By Sunday morning, the medical experts had identified the foreign bodies as waveguides and nanotechnology. Before undergoing surgery, Cain had taken his case to the Superior Court of California in Santa Barbara. Two doctors had analyzed e-rays of the foreign bodies. Some were identified as microelectromechanical (mems) devices previously idenitifed through SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope). Doctors Hildegard Staninger and Daniel Ferrier had both submitted to the court independent declarations to this effect. “My family and I have been the subjects of Government funded human research and/or hate crimes,” he had told Dupré.  “hese crimes are being covered-up by using the words National Security. The secret assaults have not only been against Cain. He is the father of two young children, Christopher and Cayden. Both of them have also been secretly implanted. Both have suffered since then. “The fact that my two minor children have the same and/or similar devices in their little bodies speaks for themselves,” he had said. “My sons were ages 3 and 4 when the discoveries took place. Their x-rays, blood & urine analysis present the true facts. According to Cain’s research, the devices he and his children have can only be introduced into the body, while being in a medical facility. In July 6, 2013, Integrated Health Systems private investigator Melinda Kidder filed a report after researching the foreign bodies that had been secretly implanted in Cain and his children.  Her report,  “Industrial Toxicological Comparative Report On Emissions Of Frequency Signals From The Human Body And Their Origins, was based on an image of the brain of one of Cain’s son,  an image of an electrode placement on the abductor halluces muscle, and an image of vibratory principles on Polarity “All three of us were patient of the same hospital,” he stated. Cain has stated in an email: “I OBSERVE MY SONS BEING TORTURE NIGHTLY AS THE DEVICES ARE BEING TRIGGERED INSIDE OF THEIR LITTLE BODIES, DEPRIVING THEM OF SLEEP FOR HOURS UNTIL THEY AWAKE .I WILL NOT REST UNTIL THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE COMMENCES AN INVESTIGATION INTO THESE HATE CRIMES.THE LINK BELOW DESCRIBES THE DEVICES IN DETAIL. CAN YOU IMAGINE THESE DEVICES BEING IMPLANTED INTO THE BODY OF ANYONE, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN IS TROUBLING!! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THESE CRIMES OTHER THAN GREED. THE DEVICES ARE MICROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS (MEMS).” The photo below is his son Chris’s arm after implanted: Unlike most doctors and other medical experts do when a TI see them complaining of being implanted, Dr. Daniel Ferrier upheld the Hipposcratic Oath all doctors take. He examined all the Cain x-rays and reports. He stated in a declaration presented to the Superior Court of California on November 7, 2013, “I declare this stimulatory mechanism to be the underlying etiology of the majority of Cain’s symptoms.” Ferrier also stated in #24 of that declaration: “I declare that the physical size of pieceparts often specified in in published spec sheets or research reports to be in the range as small as 10s to 100s nanometers supports a conclusion that imaging resolution of state-of-the-art radiographic imaging systems currently operated routinely for patient evaluation are limited to achieve definitive rule-out of the presence of each pieceparts or identify and characterize this new technology.” Ferrier declared the plaintiff “has one or more loci in his body harboring unequivocally defendable functional nanotechnology capable of receiving or processing highly specific frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum known to and regulated by the FCC.” It is estimated that as many 350,000 innocent people in the United States alone are TIs and that anywhere from fifteen percent to most if not all of them have been secretly implanted, according to private investigators interviewed by Dupré. Cain said, “I would not give up and the truth will be told.”” copied.


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