Microwave Hearing Via Broadcast US Patent 4877027 Brunkan & MKULTRA

Uploaded on 20 Aug 2011

Microwave Hearing Via Broadcast – US Patent 4877027, October 31, 1989. Patent issued to Wayne B. Brunkan. Video concludes with related MKULTRA information clips. Satellite Mind Control via microwave piggybacked on TV & radio signals. Also brief clippage on National Security Agency Michael Aquino, devil worshiper, his plans to use microwave mind control on the U.S. population. btw, Aquino is still free & at large here in the US.

See also Induced States of Consciousness – Patent 5356368 Monroe & MKULTRA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mz02b…

Aquino- NSA Devil Worshiper Long Range Takeover & Satellite Mind Control:

Silent Sound Mind Control Explained:

Mind War Paper by NSA Aquino – Analysis:


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