Col Aquino Demonic Forces Satanism & Chemtrails – Douglas Dietrich Anthony J Hilder Conspiracy Con

Published on 7 Mar 2013

A rcoones video. Douglas Dietrich tells some of his experiences in The Vietnam War where Satanic weapons were used. Col Aquino was was on of the heads of this according to Mr Deitrich. Filmed at Conspiracy Con. (Anthony J Hilder) “The Bohemian Club has an absolute attachment to the Skull & Bones Brotherhood of Death. This is not a mistake. Col Aquino is irreversibly linked with the US Military and their attachment to the Satanic Order. This is not a question mark this is an absolute. My initial intention was as it is now to SUE the Bohemian Club of California for their molestation of American Children both male and female. Are you willing to join me in proving the San Francisco Bohemian Clubs past and present association with this Satanic Order? If you are interested send me an email: if you are not God help you.. What does it take for us to stand up for our children our rights and our country?” Anthony J Hilder
(If you are in the USA and cant see Mr Hilders Channel on YouTube go to the bottom of your youtube page and change your country and you should be able to see the Channel)


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