Published on 14 May 2013

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The only way genetic transformations in Morgellons can occur is with the strict tight control by inducible expression systems such as ecdysone.

Here is a model of the ecdysone receptor molecule. This is what the new DNA inserts, a molecule which will accept non-human hormones to start the transcription of foreign DNA in the body.…

For more information on gene therapy and human hair in Morgellons, please see…

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What is a possible treatment for Morgellons insects, bacteria and fungi?
Medicinal Uses for Neem Tree Oil (take internally only denatured neem)

Morgellons patents:
US 6245531 Polynucleotides Encoding Insect Ecdysone Receptor…

US 5514578A Polynucleotides Encoding Insect Steroid Hormone Receptor Polypeptides and Cells Transformed With Same…

David Hogness, 650-723-6166,
Michael Koelle, 203-432-5662,
William Seagraves, 203-432-4537,
SPRING HOUSE, Pa.–(BW HealthWire)–May 7, 2002
Agreement grants Invitrogen nonexclusive, worldwide rights to manufacture and sell Ecdysone-Inducible Expression research kits RHeoGene today announced it has egotiated an agreement to grant Invitrogen (Carlsbad, CA) a nonexclusive, worldwide sublicense for sales of Invitrogen’s Ecdysone-Inducible Expression System and related products for research purposes only. RHeoGene holds an exclusive license to Stanford University patents U.S. 5,514,578, 6,245,531 and EP Patent 0517805 that cover sales and use of certain ecdysone-based products.

Invitrogen has been manufacturing and selling its Ecdysone- Inducible Expression System under a separate license since 1996. Under its license from RHeoGene, Invitrogen will continue to provide Ecdysone-Inducible Expression System products to academic, government, industrial, and clinical institutions for research purposes. Customers wishing to use ecdysone receptor-based gene expression systems for commercial purposes should contact RHeoGene for a commercial license.

“This licensing agreement is the first external validation of the importance of RHeoGene’s exclusive license to the intellectual property encompassed by these Stanford patents after broader claims to U.S. 5,514,578 were granted,” said Tom Tillett, RHeoGene Executive Vice President for Operations.

The Stanford patents are directed to genes that encode insect-based ecdysone receptors from a broad range of insect species and methods for regulating gene expression in host cells. The patent coverage includes ecdysone receptor (EcR) genes originating from Drosophila, the basis of Invitrogen’s Ecdysone-Inducible Expression System. The patents are based on the pioneering research of Dr. David Hogness, Emeritus Munzer Professor of Developmental Biology and Biochemistry at Stanford University. RHeoGene’s exclusive license to these patents encompasses all uses outside of plants, including cell-based assays, genomics, proteomics, gene therapy, cell culture/fermentation, transgenic animals, and biosensors.
RHeoGene focuses on delivering customized inducible gene expression technology systems to advance proteomics, drug discovery, biotherapeutics production, and human gene therapy. RHeoGene’s operations are located in Spring House, Pa., and Charlottesville, Va. For more information, visit


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