JADE II + GeoINT US Government Patents Remote MK Ultra BY:LEVEL9NEWS

Published on 16 Jul 2015 LINK TO LEVEL9NEWS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9DQ… HER DESCRIPTION:  “Original Upload attempt, July 8, 2015 REMOTE MK ULTRA – Human Handlers & Drugs NOT Required! Patent # 003951134 Distant Brain Reading & Brain Wave Manipulation 4.10.1976 Patent # 6011991 Communication system and method including brain wave analysis and/or use of brain activity 01.04.2000 Patent # […]


Published on 14 May 2013 I made an expanded NARRATED version of this so it can be more easily understood. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0PWi7… Supporting research at http://www.skizit.biz/2013/07/21/ecdy… When you register, please consider making a $10-$20 donation for the furtherance of this research. Books and articles that confirm this research must be paid for through donations. The only […]

True Story of A Targeted Individuals Gang Stalking Death Attempted Murder

Published on 2 Aug 2014 True Story of A Targeted Individuals Gang Stalking Death Attempted Murder http://frederickwust.wordpress.com/ In 2 Worlds: Gang Stalking vs. Hyperdimensional Matrix … in2worlds.net/gangstalking-and-targeted-­individuals Gang stalking and targeted individuals…what is it, and what does it mean? Gang stalking, according to people’s accounts, involves an organized group of … Gangstalking and targeted individual […]