Connectingdots2 Jade Helm 15 FRAUDS & Gov Shill Network **EXPOSED** LIVE 9pmEST/6pmPST

Published on 9 Jun 2015

*LIVE* 9pmEST/6pmPST @
Here’s just some of Dis-info Gang I’ve UN-covered so far since being on Youtube since 2007 Silver,gold,Rawdogletard, Gregory Mannarino,Mike Maloney, BrotherJohnF, DEMCAD, silverfuturist, Max Keiser, Bitcoins, VisionVictory,syyenergy7, Barnone11970, MoneyBags73,Rawdog, Charles Fuchs, Montagraph, Dutchsinse, endlessmountain,, TruthNeverTold, jsnip4, PastorDowell, web bots, Lindsey Williams, Alex jones, max keiser, davincij15, DayTradeShow, Don harrold, stellaconcepts, fukushima,dana durnford,kevin blanch,radchick, msmilkytheclown1, pinksapphiret2, are all Frauds, and/or scams, and/or con-artist, and/or dis-information, and/or promoters and/or part of the Gov NWO shill network, watch tonight’s show and see how it turns into a FULL Circle Jerk of lies and CORRUPTION…after I connect the Dots.


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