HOLLOW EARTH; Richard Shavers trip to subterranean Dero bases. True story

Published on 5 Oct 2014

This is a hollow earth and subterranean story of Dero and Tero at war with each other and Richard Shaver ended up in the middle of the conflict. This is an educational video. The art work is made by me brenton sawin and the music is from http://www.freesfx.co.uk and the music for the credits is from quick tracks in Corel Video Studio.

HOLLOW EARTH: Dero live under our Cities; 2 Encounters

Published on 11 Feb 2014

Hollow earth and the dero and tero that live under our cities. Two more witnesses that have seen them. Music from YouTube library,Walk in space and Eureka, Grass and one song from Music 4your vids website that is free to use if mentioned in description and song is Ice plains of Normandy. The intro is from Quick Tracks in Corel Video Studio called Big Guns. Drawing i made are used also. This is an educational video.


I MET THE DEVIL WHEN I WAS FIVE; My sister walked in on it


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