Gepubliceerd op 30 dec. 2014
Corporations provide the business model and institutional structure for slavery by extortion and threats. By definition, a corporation is a legal fiction. They are not real. Those who own and run corporations set them up making themselves unaccountable for their actions. The mother of all corporations is the Vatican. That’s where all the fraud originates institutionally. Well, Florida Power & Light has violated the contract I created with them. [See: https://www.facebook.com/notes/ron-va…%5D It’s time for me, and hopefully many others, to take on these corporate criminals as plaintiffs, not defendants. It’s time to force these people to prove their claim of right that enslaves humanity and violates all reasonable notions of human rights and natural law. Who will stand with me in support? [Another link to my response: http://www.metagroups.co/Extortion%20…%5D


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