Mr Max Bliss Chemtrails are part of an Exotic Weapons System, They Keep that a Secret

First Published on Jun 6, 2013 by me Max Bliss

I am sure many of us now know weather control is a reality. At first many may have thought it is incredible and cannot be done….but as stated by JFK in 1961 at the UN…their aim was to be able to work with our allies to accurate predict and eventually control the weather. Some of us have read the ” Owning the Weather by 2025″ USAF document and what we are witnessing these days…with the obvious differences in the contrails….it is clear that Congressman Dennis Kuccinich’s Bill of the Space Preservation Act, that at first included ” Chemtrails” as an exotic weapon, then later was omitted is the closest we the people will get to admission. Most of us that are 40 years plus, will still have vivid memories of what the normal sky looked like before the chemtrailing started. We should find past iconic pictures or personal pictures, perhaps dated by cars or fashion that show a different sky from the past. The contrast is obvious, most of us do know the difference, it may be hard for the youngsters or those that have a serious case of cognitive dissonance, or may be just to frightened to step out into reality. By equipping ourselves with verifiable facts and keeping an eye on the sky… is a good time right now to dare to share the facts…too much at once has got me into trouble many times….but hey we are all learning all the time….I hope everyone is worth the effort as time goes by very quickly. The Bilderburg meeting of the one world government cabinet will be agreeing their next terrible step….open one world governance, one world currency and further implementation of the UN Agenda 21, the invasion and dominance of the last free nations on Earth. We the people really can change the entire paradigm…..when we all unite together ….everyone everywhere united against the insane , cunning minority at the top of the control chain. We do out number them by 99.99% but they have engineered they divide and rule tactics so well over the years. We have to accept, celebrate and respect our differences of all of we the people from around the world…we are all brothers and sisters…this is fact not just hippy crap…IT is TIME to master our minds, overcome the social programming, the devices such as the ” …ism’s” used by the the controllers to influence society and keep us separated….we all have to come together and forge new systems to ensure transparencey, sharing of all information, resources and technology to ensure everyone can enjoy life without the oppression of tyranny being swiftly introduced by the despots running the world… is our TIME to WAKE UP and participate to create a better way..put the unity, back into our community…be the change you want to see…… ……….PEACE 4 ALL.
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