Barry Trower on Wi Fi Radiation: “We Are Risking the Future Generations of All the Children in the World”

Stop Smart Meters Irvine

This past week, my attention was on Wi-Fi in schools as I have a third grader whose school has both cabled internet and Wi-Fi routers. (I spoke this past week to both the school board and the PTA.)   When I had asked a school official, a few months ago, why they needed, since the school was already cabled, Wi-Fi, I was told it was so teachers could   teach special lessons using IPADs. The official told me the goal was “to blanket” every corner of the school  in Wi-Fi.

The school district seems to take an aloof but polite approach to any parent who brings up the topic.  The parents can give various feedback but they are “out of the loop” in terms of having a kind of working input.  The district personnel become increasingly quiet and non responsive and do not get back about meetings that initially they…

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