“Targeted Individuals” Dr. John Hall and Dr. Terry Robertson

Published on 20 Jul 2013
“If I sit silently, I have sinned.” – Mohammad Mossadegh

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Sept 20, 2013 Alex Jones Interview – a very informative ‘recent’ interview with Dr. John Hall regarding who’s targeting Americans (Sub-Contractors) that the CIA hasn’t directly targeted Civilians since the 60s, they sub-contact out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3Uhc…

Torture is alive and well in the USA & UK. The CIA, HDS, NIA, FBI & NSA Mossad, Dirty-Prior FBI or Big Law Firm’s dirty P.I.s, MI5-UK’s secret police, both regularly use Non-Lethal Weapons on Whistleblower’s, dissidents, those they’re hired to silence (clients, employees) and/or single, educated women (easy targets for MONEY) for Secret Scatter Radar SCALAR Frequencies weapons and technologies testings – . (2005)

2013-Its documented on Veterans Today these same groups have infiltrated the U.S. destroying it turning everyone against one another. Targeted Individuals have tried to warn everyone all over the Internet to no avail.

See Save the Hollow Points for the Snitches

Guns and Butter, for December 8, 2010 http://www.kpfa.org/archive/id/65894

“Targeted Individuals”
With Dr. Terry Robertson and Dr. John Hall. Dr. Robertson discusses the demographics of “who is targeted” with directed energy weapons. Dr. Hall talks about his personal experiences in San Antonio, Texas; the targeting of his close friend; criminal enterprises that are involved in targeting individuals; long-term experiments on non-consenting populations.

See my ABOUT page for more information and links defining what is happening — this is global: http://www.youtube.com/user/lissakr11…

CIA Maintains Internment List with 8 Million Americans

DRUDGE Source:


DATA ASYLUM & CHEMTRAILS: http://www.dataasylum.com/

Surveillance is for remotely torturing innocent Americans

How NSA spies ruin 1000s of America’s greatest people
Obama’s spy scandal news is “the tip of the iceberg” of private phone and email communications rights abuses involving hundreds of thousands of government and private contractor spies in the U.S., according to whistleblowers, an program launched during Bush’s regime, already critically damaging more of America’s finest people than publicly acknowledged.

Silent Weapons for Quiet War – http://tinyurl.com/pa8h49n

Chemtrails: Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nuclear War” http://www.globalresearch.ca/chemtrai…

Globalism, Violent Oppression and Electronic Warfare: 2 + 2 = 5

Former FBI Bob Levin Whistleblower – http://boblevin.org/
Former FBI Whistleblower GERAL SOSBEE – http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/fbiciade-my…
COINTELPRO & War of Aggression Exposed by Sosbee and Hartwell – http://www.barbarahartwellvscia.blogs…

EEG Heterodyning Target Former U.S. Government Scientist DR. Whistleblower ROBERT DUNCAN Exposes Department Of Defense & CIA Mind Control Programs: TAMI, S.A.T.A.N., C.H.R.I.S.T. & MIND – Talks about Mind Control Satellite Assassins & Technologies http://wp.me/p24nfY-5Wz.

THE MATRIX – http://neurowars.files.wordpress.com/…, http://www.freedomfchs.com/thematrixd…

ELECTRO MAGNETIC MURDERS & SUICIDES & HOW THEY’RE DONE http://miami.indymedia.org/news/2005/…

The UK secret, or black government and the USA’s shadow government has at its disposal a fearsome array of mind control weapons. These abhorrent devices are euphemistically called non-lethal weapons by the UK military. In fact they kill you slowly be causing nerve damage, cancers, mental collapse leading to suicides or tissue failure such as heart attacks due to the cooking effect of the microwaves.

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