Secret Government Programs! Chemtrails, Cloaked Craft,Three Guests Expose Agenda

Published on Jul 27, 2013

Guests: Mr. Jim Kerr, Mr. Sean Gautreaux, and film/photo/video analyzer Sherry Bunker (aka Ms. American Bunker!)

Listen to the show right now! As you listen to the show, please scroll this article for referenced videos and still photos that are made throughout this entire program!
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Jim sends a letter to NASA (Mr. Rowland) inquiring about the use of chemtrails and receives an email back . Let’s discuss why Jim feels Mr. Rowland evaded the issues. See the letter here: (NanoCraft) Military, Corporate, Alien or Demonic or all of the above?

The vast majority of craft do not seem to be solid objects. Their signatures at times appear solid but I have captured jets spraying chemtrails directly through the center of these craft indicating they are not solid objects.
Could some of these craft be some type of computer controlled nanotechnology, swarm technology? Maybe there is no cloaking, light bending technology associated with these craft. Maybe the swarm of nano particles form these shapes then the formation separates or dissipates . If these were solid, wouldn’t there be mid air collisions with normal air traffic?
Advanced nanotechnology, metallurgy or biological? Or both? Could this be actual craft formed using some type of Nanotechnology / swarm technology. Intergraded Nano machine components for propulsion, for emitting cloud like material, toxins, smart dust.
Check this out:……

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Jim Kerr has many videos available for viewing, and we suggest you check them out!…

UFO video footage:……… UFO over Angeles National Forrest south of Antelope Valley. Full spectrum footage.… UFO’s strange attraction to jet spraying chemtrail.


(aka) MsAmericanBunker on You Tube”
Sherry discussed:

How To Detect High Frequency Presences In Video Footage/Images

CHEMTRAILS and Video Analysis

1. Alien craft has been identified chemtrailing the atmosphere in numerous videos in both the UK and Antelope Valley.

2. Chemtrails sometimes cloak larger alien craft in the sky.

3. Chemtrails sometimes are used as transport pathways for alien entities/activity.

PROOF Aliens Chemtrailing UK :…

Sherry analyzed the following videos for Jim Kerr, take a look when you have some time!…

Sean’s observation of the patterns surrounding these crafts helped him to understand a deep underlying principle or symmetry of another kind.

Sean provides us with hundreds of hours of UFO footage by use of infrared technology which to his own astonishment revealed WHAT IS IN OUR SKIES! ! Check out his YOU TUBE CHANNEL NOW called Industrial Surrealism…

“So… when I speak, I’ll probably start by saying that I am going back and forth, but I don’t have the background knowledge to make statements trying to identify these. I will probably also mention the need for the Ole Boy Network to speak up. Like I mentioned on the last show with Jim, I am really stuck on the similarities between the craft and the triangle with the eye. Either the craft ARE the ancient symbols, or the craft were made to look like the ancient “Horus”, etc., to set up BlueBeam. I will mention the Temple at Abydos too.

And either way, we are supposed to start seeing these things, one by one. Real or setup? I still want to know where all the black ops projects are :)” ~ Sean Gautreaux

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