Pilots Must Learn About Geoengineering & Chemtrails, presentation by David Lim, UK March 2013


The REAL Institute

If anyone knows of any pilots or flight/cabin crew, please encourage them to watch this very well delivered presentation on a subject many in the industry, either now very little about or are frighten to talk about openly. A very comprehensive overview and smoothly delivered making this presentation digestible and entirely validated by doctoral researcher David Lim from Reading University. For those detractors and debunkers, the time is coming when this will be fully exposed very soon as more respected professionals realise the reality of the mass deception. Positive changes are happening, many thanks to David Lim and every ones efforts in exposing this incredible situation.

This public presentation has been created to introduce the topic of geoengineering to those with limited or no knowledge of the subject. It therefore provides an overview of this lesser known area of science. The talk entitled ‘Increases in extreme weather…

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